Article 17 – Class Size

Elementary (Grades pre-K through 5) shall meet or better class size staffing levels as outlined in the State Minimum Standards (i.e., the ratio of teachers to pupils on a district-wide basis shall be at least one (1) full-time equivalent classroom teacher per twenty-five (25) pupils in average daily membership.) The ratio of teachers to pupils in elementary (pre-k through 5) on a district-wide basis shall be at least one (1) full-time equivalent classroom teacher per twenty-five (25) pupils in average daily membership.

Secondary (Grades six through twelve (6-12)) shall teach no more than one hundred seventy (170) pupils per day except in activity-type classes with due consideration for student safety (e.g. in PE classes). For purposes of scheduling and class size management, students on active Individual Education Plans (IEPs) other than students with Speech & Language Pathology (SLP) IEPs and students in classes specifically for special education students shall be counted as one and one-half (1 1/2) students.

In all classrooms, no class size shall exceed the number of desks or appropriate spaces at shared work stations.

After October 1 of each year, using the above IEP formula if an individual elementary class size exceeds twenty-eight (28) students in grades pre-K through 3, and thirty (30) in grades 4-5, or a secondary teaching load exceeds one hundred seventy-five (175) students per day the unit member shall meet with the building Principal and the appropriate Assistant Superintendent to discuss alternatives to remedy excessive class size or teaching load. Possible alternatives which may be used are:

  1. Assignment of an aide who shall remain with a class(es).
  2. Establishment of combination classes
  3. Reduction of non-teaching duties
  4. Additional remuneration of ten percent (10%) of the base salary.

The alternative chosen must be mutually agreed upon by the Administrators and the unit member, and such agreement shall be reduced to writing, and be signed by the unit member. A copy of every such agreement shall be sent to the Association President.

Whenever class size decreases or increases, the Administration may have up to five days (5) to adjust aide/salary assignments. A selected alternative shall be removed should the class size return to the twenty-eight (28), thirty (30), and the one hundred seventy-five (175) limits.

The Board will make reasonable effort to reduce the number of combination classes at the elementary level, and reasonable effort will be made to staff elementary combination classes at the beginning of the school year using a pupil/teacher ratio of twenty-five (25) (or fewer) to one (1). A combination class is one in which students from more than one (1) grade level are assigned for reasons other than academic acceleration or retention.


Article 34 – Severance Pay

A. All employees with ten (10) or more years of service to the Newark City Schools employed under provisions of the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio or the School Employees Retirement System of Ohio, at the time of retirement from either of these systems, shall be eligible for compensation for one-fourth (1/4) of the value of their accrued but unused sick leave credit as defined below. Eligibility for severance pay shall not extend beyond the date of application for retirement which has been completed and forwarded to the appropriate retirement system by the Treasurer of the Board. Employees eligible for severance pay will be notified by the Treasurer of the Board upon receipt of notification of retirement.

B. The severance allowance shall be one-fourth (1/4) of the value of accrued unused sick leave to a maximum of seventy (70) days. Compensation shall be based upon the employee’s daily rate of pay at the time of separation. Payment for sick leave under this provision shall be considered to eliminate all sick leave credit accrued by the employee with such payment being made only once to any employee. Bargaining unit members who maintain perfect attendance (no sick leave days, no personal leave days and no salary deduct days) during a school year (July 1 to June 30) shall receive one (1) additional day of severance allowance.

C. Request for payment should be made to the Treasurer of the Board at the time application is made for retirement to the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio. Said request for severance allowance shall also include the employee’s resignation from employment in the Newark City Schools. Payment shall be made the pay date following the effective date of resignation and official retirement. Employees who have been terminated from employment shall not be eligible for severance pay unless termination is ultimately overturned after all appeals have been exhausted.

D. This policy is pursuant to the authority of Section 124.39 of the Ohio Revised Code and shall be subject to interpretations and/or limitations which may be imposed by either the Attorney General of Ohio, the Bureau of Inspection, State Auditor’s Office and/or a court of law.

Should an employee become eligible for retirement while on the recall list due to a reduction in force, he/she shall maintain all rights contained in this Article.

E. Employees who provide notice of retirement by March 1, and thereafter complete the balance of the school year, shall receive a one-time only retirement bonus of $1,000, payable upon completion of service through the last teacher workday of the school year.

F. The employee may roll part or all of his/her severance pay into a tax-sheltered annuity by notifying the Board Treasurer at least ten (10) workdays prior to his/her effective date of retirement.

G. Should a current non-retired employee who has been with the District at least 10 years die, the severance payment shall be made to the estate of the deceased employee upon written request by the executor of the estate.


Newark City Schools Teacher Evaluation Committee:

Teacher Members: Madeline Black, Jane Cole, Jodi Gwin, Tammy Powell, Denise Wiley -As per our contract, we are allowed 6 members. Please let Denise Wiley know if you are interested in filling this vacancy.

Administrators:Cindy Baker, Julie Elwell (Designee), Matt Hazelton, Maura Horgan, Mindy Vaughn, Barbara Quackenbush


Teacher Evaluation Changes:


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